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Complete High Altitude Launch Kit
Everything you need to launch and recover a High Altitude Balloon!

Price: $ 549.99 / Each

  Options - Customize it
  What type of Gas? - Choose Your Adapter
  What Size Balloon? - Bigger Goes Higher
  Tracking Device - Required for Recovery
  Shipping Insurance - Protect Your Package
  Data Logger - Record Flight Data

This is the perfect gift for spending quality time with the family! Work together to build your kit, plan the launch, and track your payload down! We've spent countless hours on launches with our families building, launching, and retrieving kits, and it's always a satisfying experience. It's also a great way to get kids interested in science and engineering. With a price like this, it's the gift that keeps bringing families together, at least than half the cost of comparable kits online.

Everything you need to get started with your own launch, minus a camera and helium. This kit is designed to be lightweight yet rigid enough to mount experiments inside or outside. The launch box is designed to be modular, you can add extra poles for multiple viewing platforms or other experiments. The foam inside the box is pre-scored, you just pull out what you don't need to fit your electronics. You simply can't find a more complete and inexpensive launch kit. Best of all, you save BIG when you buy the package, plus you get complete documentation and technical support!

*Note: Kit no longer includes the Contour ROAM camera, as the company is out of business.

Need A Flight Computer?
We also updated our Ready-to-fly Data Logger to be lighter, smaller, and use a micro SD card!  Add one to your kit today to record atmospheric conditions and your flight path without any programming or soldering experience!  Just put the sensors where you want, plug in a battery and micro SD card, and your flight data is saved onboard.  Check out the Sky-Probe Data Logger in more detail to see the full capabilities.

Sky-Probe Kit Benefits:
-The most inexpensive complete kit on the market
-Customizable to your needs, add your own electronics or ours!
-Multiple mounting points for experiments, inside our outside
-FAA compliant, takes the worry away
-Reusable, withstands multiple launches
-Technical support provided, along with complete instructions
-Sky-Probe can cut a viewing hole in the enclosure for the camera 

We've included everything you'll need for your launch:
-Your choice of 600/800/1200g Professional Weather Balloon
-5ft High Altitude Parachute
-SPOT Tracker* (US Customers Only)
-Sky Probe Enclosure
-Sky Probe Radar Reflector
-Sky Probe Support Arms with Mounting Hardware
-Fill tube and fitting for Helium OR Hydrogen tank
-Cord and Misc Hardware to Connect Everything
-FAA Balloon Regulatons 
-Launch Checklist
-Build and Launch Instructions
-Technical Support - We're here for you 

Difficulty Level:
Easy to Moderate. Once everything is setup, you just follow the checklist.  The most difficult part is finding an FAA tower that knows about weather balloons. Your recovery can be difficult if it lands in a tree or the mountains.  If you just want to recover some awesome video, everything is easy! The moderate difficulty is adding electronic sensors and programming them.  Don't worry, there are tutorials for each sensor we sell, along with a list of everything you'll need.  Or, you can purchase our Sky-Probe Data logger and it's ready to fly. We're here if you need help!

A Few Items You'll Need (Ok, we include almost everything):
-Phillips Screwdriver
-Adjustable Wrench or Pliers 

-Camera (GoPro, Contour, etc if you want video)
-Large Tarp for the Balloon
-Knife to Cut Cord
-Helium or Hydrogen size K tank. If you use Hydrogen, you should get a regulator from a local welding shop (try Airgas or Praxair).

Other accessories we highly recommend include:
-Observation Cube - crystal clear for viewing experiments without losing them
-Extra Support Arms - used to mount extra external experiments
-Sensors and electronics - temperature, GPS, humidity, light, pressure sensors, and more are available

Useful Information and Links:
FAA Regulation on Weather Balloons

-Launch Kit Frequency Asked Questions
-Weather Balloon Flight Path Predictions - Very Easy!

Please allow 3-5 business days for the kit to ship, as each is a custom order.
*SPOT Requires $149/yr Service ($99 basic + $50 Tracking).

Here's what you can do with your Sky-Probe!


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1500g Professional Weather Balloon
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Observation Cube
Observation Cube
Cube to safely view your experiment without losing it in high winds
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Electronics Sensors Starter Kit
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High Altitude Data Logger - SPDLV15
High Altitude Data Logger - SPDLV15
Ready to fly Data Logger for GPS, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Light, and more!
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Sale Price: $ 169.99
You Save: $ 30.00

Support Arms
Support Arms
Extra Support Arms
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Cold Weather Thermometer
Cold Weather Thermometer
-40 to 80 deg Thermometer
Price: $ 13.99

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