Experience the blackness of space with your own launch platform is founded by engineers and scientists with a passion for the outdoors and science experiments.  Our aim is to provide the most cost effective launch platform for near space experiments to professionals, hobbyists, students, and parents.  This site is a one-stop shop for all your needs including hardware, support, and any additional needs for your project.  With a Sky-Probe you will be able to launch and reliably recover HD video, atmospheric data, your mini experiment, or a range of other options from the ease of a weather balloon.  Through our supplier relationships, we supply everything from parachutes, weather balloons, tracking systems, hobby electronics, and more to both US and international customers.
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  • We work hard to give you the most reliable product for the least amount of money.  Everything we design and build here in California is meant to give you the greatest near space experience. Check out our tutorials to get started.
  • Sky-Probe offers excellent technical support for all of our products, we stand behind everything we build. We're not just a bunch of kids selling equipment, we're actual Scientists and Engineers.  If we sell it, we've tested and flown it. 
  • Our name and reputation is now the standard for Near Space products.  We supply products to hundreds of professional organizations, scientific research labs, businesses, schools and families.  Some of our clients include Alienware, Alec Bradley Cigars, numerous Hollywood studios, and countless STEM programs in schools. Schools can pay by purchase order to get the ball rolling on your science fair project faster!
  • has a rewards program. The more you buy, the more points you get that give you a discount on future purchases! Additionally, if you bought something from our store, writing a review gives you LOTS of points. It's free money that you can use on whatever you'd like in our store, and our way of saying - THANKS! Just LOGIN to see what you have earned.
We also offer launch services for those who don't want to deal with the recovery of a payload. This is a great option for companies and advertising firms to showcase a new product. We absolutely provide the lowest cost solution compared to other companies. Contact us for details.



School Launch with a Sky-Probe High Altitude Launch Kit - Awesome Results!

Sky-Probe Customer Launches

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Breadboarding Wire Bundle
Category: Prototyping
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You Save:$ 1.99 
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Data Logging Shield for Arduino
Category: Prototyping
Sale Price: $ 19.99
You Save:$ 4.51 
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SPOT Gen3 - GPS Tracker
Category: Tracking Systems
Sale Price: $ 129.99
You Save:$ 40.00 
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Arduino Uno R3
Category: Prototyping
Sale Price: $ 24.99
You Save:$ 10.00 

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